Saturday, September 16, 2006

Government Leaders to Kill Second Post Watergate Reform

First the Bush administration thumbs its nose with impunity at the FISA law regulating domestic spying, now both political parties join together to render post Nixon campaign financing moot. Presidential candidates will likely snub public financing for the 2008 race so each side can spend $500 million to get their candidate elected. That’s $1 billion! In 2004 hospital unfunded care nationwide amounted to $24 billion.

It is clear elections have become the providence of the wealthy. One look reveals numerous super rich candidates funding their own campaigns. Another look finds obscene amounts of money funneled in the direction of elected officials in America’s permanent campaign.

"The 2008 presidential election is going to be the Wild West," said Michael Toner, the Republican chairman of the Federal Election Commission. "Upward of $500 million is the likely goal of presidential fundraising per candidate."

Reforms to reduce corrupt political activity post Watergate, have washed away under the current influence purchasing system. It is sad to see. Don’t tell we need another impeachment to right the system of wrongs? It will take a Congress with much more courage than the current version.

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