Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Chavi Boy & Ahmadinejad Issue “Invitations” to Bully Bush

As the world stage grows ever more bizarre, the three stooges all spoke at the United Nations in the last 24 hours. President Bush gave his one sided view of all the good he wants to force on the world in his motivation to wipe out the “bad guys”. His foils later took the stand challenging the U.S. leader sitting on his throne.

Hugo Chavez called Bush “the Devil”. Will this usher in another round of CIA fomented regime change? Will George Bush finally take Rev. Pat Robertson, his Secretary of Faith up on his advice?

The Iranian President challenged the United States role in the U.N. Security Council in preventing the United Nations from dealing with critical situations in an urgent matter. He used the Israeli invasion of Lebanon as an example. Ahmadinejad said his differences were with the U.S. President, not the American people.

"I explicitly say that I am against the policies chosen by the U.S. government to run the world because these policies are moving the world toward war.”

Yes, they are Mahmoud and in case you didn’t notice, Bush needs little provocation to invade or attack another country as seen in the molehill of thin evidence for the Iraqi War.

All three leaders are elected in their Republic forms of government. Why do worldwide elections systems select leaders incapable of mutual and cooperative behavior? Is that another gift of democracy in the permanent campaign version?

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