Thursday, September 28, 2006

As Elected Officials Insulate Themselves from War Crimes, Ministers charged with Door Crimes

Whilst Bush, Cheney et al slither around the U.S. Capital insisting Congress pass legislation permitting them to torture detainees, withhold evidence and use hearsay a group of faith leaders stood tall protesting America’s slide into persistent war.

For suggesting Christianity calls people to war no more, albeit using a bullhorn inside the Senate Office building, the recalcitrant ministers were arrested and processed. Likely more justice was administered in these seven hours than ever will be meted out for those responsible for kidnapping people, flying them to foreign countries where they were tortured for a year.

As for the use of hearsay, ask the two men taken from New York City into CIA custody, one an Egyptian student and the other a Canadian professional. Who will stand for these crimes against persons? My guess is Bush will be happy to charge the ministers….

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