Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Political Train Wrecks Seen Coming from Miles Away

When there is only one track and two oncoming trains refusing to yield, there is only one outcome. The first, Republican Katherine Harris’ primary victory is relatively minor. That campaign managers repeatedly leapt from her train will reduce the final human toll. Despite her own party’s objections she remained in the race. While the final accident may be months away she remains firmly on track, full speed ahead.

The second train wreck, Iranian nuclear technology has greater implications for the people. The irony of this situation is both engineers know the other approaches. Both gun their engines as they hurl their multi-ton powerhouses forward. Bush is counting on nothing stopping his locomotive equipped with a U.N. cattle guard.

As the trains near, the Iranian President points to his ongoing uranium enrichment program in the back, his passenger cabin full of Parliament members thumbing their noses at the IAEA. Meanwhile Bush moves from engine number 1 to engine number 2, giving Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert the controls. The two engine led train has only one cargo car. The flat bed holds several nuclear bombs, “Skinny Bearded Boy” and “Little Man” with Ahmadinejad’s name clearly visible on each.

How do the systems ensure such a thing? Can no one see? Are leaders incapable of finding better ways to lead on behalf of all people? Are they driven by their own egos and need to appear powerful and in control? If so, those watching the approaching trains see the opposite, pursuers of violence intent on confrontation.

I say ditch the trains, take out the tracks and give these two yahoos boxing gloves. Winner gets to say they kicked the others ass, as if that really means anything. At least hundreds of thousands of innocents won’t be impacted and parts of Iran a nuclear wasteland.

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