Sunday, September 24, 2006

Bush “Rainmaker” for Blood and Money

For the upcoming November elections Republican candidates are keeping the President behind closed doors, relegating him to a fundraising role in light of his low popularity ratings. The behind the scenes soirees enable other well known Republican fun and games to continue. Events like “Who can give the most money”, “Cursing the Constitution”, “Torture is fun: Ask Dick Cheney”, and “Blood for Oil” are usually inaugurated with a prayer for free markets.

Most events are closed with a benediction thanking the Almighty for the freedom to make a yachtload of money so it can be given to God’s inspired politicians like whoever the President is stumping for. Then the group eats their $14 Death by Chocolate desserts before staying one last night in the Ritz Carlton. The next day they fly home on their private planes, thus avoiding those ghastly airport security procedures.

Ask the Venezuelan Secretary of State about his treatment at the hands of the Transportation Safety Administration after his boss Hugo Chavez’s rant at the United Nations? The “Terror on Terror” President gets his way, especially behind closed doors.

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