Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Master of Flawed Logic, Bliar Himself!

Bush pronounced Colin Powell’s concern that the President’s rewriting of the Geneva Conventions could cause the world to “doubt the moral basis” of the fight flawed logic. His designation of poppycock is laughable given the flawed logic repeatedly used by this administration. Take healthcare, where demand already exceeds supply.

The President wants to unleash the negotiating power of 3 million Health Savings Accounts owners out of almost 300 million U.S. residents. When was the last time you saw 1% of a market flip pricing practices? A recent GAO study revealed only half of those eligible to fund their health savings accounts, actually do so. Few of these consumers with the incentive to talk price do so with doctors or hospitals. Now how will a market flip with .1% of consumers actively discussing price?

The Bush healthcare plan is simple, shift government and employer health care costs to the individual. Employers under Bush’s plans can save 35% on their health benefits by simply switching to a high deductible health plan. The government plans to impose premium sharing, higher deductibles and co-pays for the poor on Medicaid. The feds greased the skids and state legislatures will soon take advantage of these cost savings opportunities.

Congress put a hold on all federal health care money to providers the last 10 days of September. They are pushing their FY 2006 bills into FY 2007. The logic behind this is to reduce the deficit numbers coming out right before the November election. Do you think the President will share the manipulative reason for such a hold on provider payments? Or course not, what makes sense to him is OK, what’s doesn’t is flawed logic. The problems is Bush’s lies are on record. My best source is the White House website. All it takes is a little digging to find the latest Bliar statement.

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