Friday, September 22, 2006

Green? Democrats Imitate Republicans with Investment Houses

For those who still believe stark differences remain between America’s two political parties one need not look far to find commonalities. Corporate money drives both Republicans and Democrats. From lobbying to serving on investment house boards, many ex-politicos find their way into the business world. While the GOP’s Carlyle Group is an infamous investment house, Democratic imitators can be seen nearby. Ex. Senate Majority Leader, Tom Daschle jumped from the Capital to lobbying for Alston & Bird. Tom also serves on the board of Apollo Management, another investment house.

Ex. President Bill Clinton just announced the formation of yet another private equity group, the $1 billion Green Fund. It will invest in companies that help reduce the impact of climate change. One of the principals has his own investment house, the Yucaipa Companies LLC.
President Eisenhower saw the power of companies in overthrowing governments. Guatemala got a new leader courtesy of a banana company, while the worldwide respected President of Iran received a CIA delivered coup for nationalizing part of Anglo-Iranian oil. Dwight warned of the power of the military industrial complex.

Courtesy of both political parties, America now should be concerned of the government industrial monstrosity. While Clinton’s Green Fund might have a higher objective, the methods certainly seem questionable. Which political party will these companies donate to and what government influence will they receive in return? It already is a dirty business but with Democrats imitating the soilers, what can the American people expect? Will it get dirtier?

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