Monday, September 11, 2006

Bush Predicts War without End

On the fifth anniversary of 9-11 President Bush presses several messages to the U.S. and the world.

"America did not ask for this war, and every American wishes it were over. And so do I. But the war is not over - and it will not be over until either we or the extremists emerge victorious."

"If we do not defeat these enemies now, we will leave our children to face a Middle East overrun by terrorist states and radical dictators armed with nuclear weapons. We are in a war that will set the course for this new century and determine the destiny of millions across the world."

Bush has several real world problems with his message. The U.S. historically supported radical dictators in Iran and Iraq, giving one nuclear technology and selling weapons of mass destruction to the other.

The people he paints as radical extremists came owe their position to his initiative spreading democracy. Hamas and Hezbollah representatives came into power via radical elections.
Who acquired nuclear weapons without a peep from the U.S.? Israel, India and Pakistan all have nuclear arms to no concern of the Bush administration. The President inked a nuclear technology deal with India which remains outside the nuclear non proliferation agreement.

Given the reality concerns, Bush’s words are even more ominous. “It will not be over until either we or the extremists emerge victorious”. As the struggle is ideological, it never will be over. One party will never gain complete victory. A negotiated settlement will be required. That's impossible when the parties continue to talk past one another, when they refuse to meet. Bush predicts war without end.

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