Sunday, September 24, 2006

Bolton’s Permanent Appointment Guaranteed to Make Matters Worse

The Senate’s appointment of John Bolton to the U.N. is being promoted as way to take on the inflammatory rhetoric of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The caver to conservatives on prisoner torture, Senator John McCain urged a quick confirmation to talk back to “two bit” dictators. He also called Chavez “despicable”. Well suffering succotash!

Mr. McCain lowers himself to Mr. Chavez level by name calling. President Bush called the North Korean leader a “pygmy”, “tyrant” and “spoiled child”. Chavez called the American leader “devil”, “donkey”, and “madman”.

So what will John Bolton bring to the table? Yup, more name calling. Just when I thought the world bar for leadership couldn’t be lowered further!

JOHN BOLTON: If you think that there is any possibility in this country that a 51,000-person bureaucracy is going to be supported by most Americans, you better think again. The Secretariat building in New York has 38 stories. If you lost ten stories today, it wouldn't make a bit of difference. The United Nations is one of the most inefficient, intergovernmental organizations going. UNESCO is even worse, and others go downhill from there. The fact of the matter is that the international system that has grown up, and again, I leave out the World Bank and the IMF, because I do think they're in a separate category, has been put into a position of hiring ineffective people who do ineffective things, that have no real world impact. And we pay 25% of the budget….

The point I want to leave with you in this very brief presentation is where I started: There is no United Nations. There is an international community that occasionally can be led by the only real power left in the world, and that's the United States, when it suits our interests, and when we can get others to go along. I think it would be a real mistake to count on the U.N. as if it's some disembodied entity out there that can function.

He has proven his ability to call names before his appointment as well as since.

“You can’t compare the deaths of Lebanese to the deaths of Israelis”

“And to have the Deputy Secretary General criticize the United States in such a manner, can only do grave harm to the United Nations. Even though the target of the speech was the United States, the victim, I fear, will be the United Nations..”

What McCain didn’t say is Bolton knows heavy handedness and payback which is just what the Bush administration has in store for Chavez and Ahmadinejad. Is anyone else disappointed with the playground insults tossed around by supposed world leaders? They serve their own egos and for that their people pay dearly.

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