Saturday, September 23, 2006

Bush Won’t Claim Credit for Stone Age Threat

The Medieval President feigned ignorance of any threat to the Pakistani President to cooperate on the war on terror or be bombed back to the Stone Ages. The alleged deliverer also denies using those exact words. Was that because Richard Armitage acted out the scene using loud kabooms followed by ohhhgggaaa boooogggaaa replete with underarm scratching?

What is the public to believe? Here an elected leader of the United States contradicts a General who took control of his government by force.

Bush’s heavy handedness record is clear. He ignored U.S. and international law in torturing prisoners under U.S. custody, set up secret CIA prisons, used banned techniques, kidnapped people off the street in foreign countries, flew them internationally without informing host countries, and sat on his derriere for over a month while America’s proxy (his words) bombed Lebanon back to the Stone Ages.

His record of speaking un-factually is also clear. His promise to relieve seniors and the disabled of having to choose between medicine, food and rent fell flat for some 6 million dual eligibles. His commitment to find what went wrong in the Hurricane Katrina response and make it right produced a laughable Lessons Learned report where his buddies at The Carlyle Group got a free pass for their 24 deaths at a LifeCare Hospital.

Do I think Bush made such a threat? Absolutely, given his track record I’d be surprised if he didn’t. The ball slinger choose an odd time to tuck his back in his pants.

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