Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Bush Wisdom Similar to Pilate

“When your only tool is torture, everyone not like you begins to resemble a terrorist.”

This drives the Bush concern about domestic lone wolfs, otherwise known as people who would join the KKK or American Nazi Party but are so strange, even those groups won’t let them join. It also includes sociopaths and sadists who like to implement their craft on a large scale. Many of these lone wolfs are ex-military, trained in the use of overwhelming force. Timothy McVeigh stands as an example.

But who will the Bushies go after in their search? If past efforts are any indication, they will go after peaceful groups like the Quakers, liberal churches who challenge their worship of markets and forces of supply & demand. They will target individual American citizens expressing “anti-Bush” rhetoric online.

“You’re either with us or against up” is scheduled for significant domestic promotion. The problem arises when any American who graduated elementary school examines the Bush positions for logic and consistency finds them wanting. It’s expounded by those who look to the lived life of Christ for wisdom and see the Bushies twisting the teachings of the Prince of Peace.

Should Christ return today, he’d be identified as an internal threat to American security. Would Jesus be waterboarded, the modern day counterpart to hanging on a cross? Would a waterboard become a new religious symbol?

If a third awakening is truly coming, it would have Bush playing the role of Pontius Pilate, that is if we want to be accurate. Bush Co. implemented torture in secret and spent the last year pressing hard for legal approval. Jesus never promoted torture of anyone. So much for Bush's messiah aspirations!

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