Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Bush Call for Unity on Terrorism Had Sinatra Backup

I don’t know if anyone else had background music coming over their TV as they watched the President's speech on 9-11 but my set had the crooner doing an extended version of “My Way”.
Bush used his Oval Office bully pulpit to push his offensive strategy against terrorists. Having recently lumped them into one big pot of Twin Tower stew, our nation’s CEO wants carte blanche to deal suspected terrorists.

Having rewritten the international definition of torture Bush wants to "toughly" interrogate prisoners using techniques banned by the Geneva Conventions. Also on his shopping list is inclusion of hearsay and coerced testimony. Does this bring to mind the KGB? Neighbors turning in neighbors, using physical and psychological techniques to get people to talk, it all seems so under-worldly creepy.

Yes, Bush wants the extreme power of the state applied. Checks and balances need to be inserted now, otherwise KGB could stand for King George Bush.

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