Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Hint to the IRS: Follow Cheney

If the Internal Revenue Service needs to find out how to reach the Council for National Policy, they need only follow Vice President Dick Cheney. He recently visited Salt Lake City to deliver a talk at the super secretive, heavy hitter, conservative gathering. Their fall meeting had the Vice President and Czech Republic leader Vaclav Klaus as official speakers. Mitt Romney happened to be in the area as well and when pressed, confirmed his talk to the group of a few hundred powerful conservative activists.

The nonprofit group does not allow the press access to meetings or their agendas. The public is also not invited. So how does this group keep its nonprofit status? Community hospitals have to prepare an annual report on benefits accrued to the wider public from their tax free status. The Council for National Policy operates in secret to the benefit of what wider public? They lost their tax exempt status before and deserve to again. In their recent meeting they threatened to support a third party should the wrong candidate receive the Republican nomination. The CNP should be taxed long before your local nonprofit community hospital.

As for openness and transparency, we know where the Bush administration stands. The Vice President's visit, as well as his own personal super-secret stamp, confirms their mendacity. Some citizens are paying attention.

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