Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Global Warming Shifts Mason-Dixon Line Well North

Vice President Dick Cheney's hunt at a private club revealed something the administration has long tried to hide (other than the V.P. is a bad shot). An enterprising photographer from the New York Daily News captured the above picture at a hunt club hours outside New York City, which happens to be the same place that manufactures salsa lingering on grocery store shelves in the desert Southwest.

The good news is expanding global warmth allowed the Vice President a magnificent hunt on the 2,500 acre estate, known as the Clove Valley Hunt and Rod Club. Always the intrepid games man, Dick had to figure out a way to bag farm bred pheasants released on the property just the day before. Each had the facial outline of Harry Whittington painted on their side to aid Mr. Cheney's aim.

The photo is clear scientific evidence of global warming. It indicates the northward movement of the Mason-Dixon line, previously located on the northern border of Maryland. As the Arctic loses Connecticut sized ice fields, the "Constitution is a Goddam Piece of Paper" State stands next door to the new line of demarcation between the chilly cold, liberal, gay loving north and the friendly, warm, redneck family values south. Connecticut is also known as the Nutmeg State, but if Vice President Cheney has anything to do with it, the Clove Valley Gun and Rod Club will soon incorporate the spice state to its east. Everything should be privatized!

Fortunately, the flag remained hidden from our country's most secretive elected official. A Cheney staffer noted ""The VP did not see the flag and neither did anyone on staff." They were too busy lining up their sights. Ready, fire, aim! Another day in the Bush administration, where the open season on peasants never ends...

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