Friday, October 05, 2007

Fox in the CHIP House

One need not look far to find the fox in the chicken house on Bush's veto of the children's health insurance bill. Al Hubbard, the President's Senior Economic Advisor and the President's Uncle Bucky shared the board table for giant health insurer WellPoint. Right after his appointment to the White House, Al exercised his WellPoint stock options for a roughly $1 million payday.

Republican Senator Chuck Grassley noted the poor advice George W. had gotten from his advisors. He challenged the White House's characterization of the CHIP bill and what it would do. In his press release, Senator Grassley stated "A lot of misinformation has been spread about this bill. But in Iowa, you can’t call a cow a chicken and have it be true."

Unfortunately Senator, there's is a bigger problem. The fox is in the henhouse and a cocky banty rooster is in cohoots...

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