Friday, October 26, 2007

Bush Reveals his $83,000 Lie

Funny how Congress acted explicitly on President Bush's major stated concern and he still plans to veto a bill providing insurance coverage to more children without coverage. They called him on his own lie and George has the gall to blame the House of Representatives. That's one pathological perspective. But in America it takes two to tango and the donkeys bring their own dysfunction to the beltway. If Democrats felt gored by George why would they pass his judicial nominee, Leslie Southwick? Why not filibuster?

There's a funny game of political theater going on. Each side has its few issues to parade in front of the blue curtain for the voters entertainment and outragement. Meanwhile behind the scenes, top Repugnicant and Damnocrats orchestrate the contracting out of America to the government industrial monstrosity. We're left with funding our own retirement and health care. Ain't democracy a grand illusion?

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