Tuesday, October 02, 2007

DailyKos Runs Chevron Ad

Imagine my surprise when I clicked on DailyKos, only to find an an ad for Chevron under their Human Energy banner. After posting numerous times the last few days on Chevron's stake in a Myanmar oil field, it took all I had to click through the ad.

Nowhere did it mention the company's 28% holdings in the project. Nowhere did they say how many millions went to the brutal regime that cracked down on peaceful Buddhist monks.

I hope it was worth the ad revenue, Daily Kosians. We all sell our souls a little at a time. When is the cut off point, Chevron? Where do you draw the line, liberal blogosphere? Congratulations on your ad sale. Just how much of each dollar came from Myanmar? I don't expect to read about it on DailyKos...

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