Thursday, October 04, 2007

Dana's Ignorance is Torture

White House Press Secretary Dana Perino remains blissfully ignorant. The saves her from the dreaded nose growing displayed by Scott McClellan. The puppet so wanted to be a real boy. Then came polished conservative journalist, Tony Snow. He cleverly said what he wanted to, then bristled when accused of not answering the question. But Dana, she has both polish and ignorance as evidenced by her recent comments defending the White House on "torture".

“This country does not torture. It is a policy of the United States that we do not torture and we do not.”

Let's see Dana, are you using the WWII definition of the word? That would be the same one we used in convicting German soldiers of mistreating our boys. Don't give me that vacuous look. Is it the post 9-11 version but the pre-Alberto Gonzales definition? Oh, you weren't in charge of the Press office back then. Do you keep up with developments? Do you read?

Yes, President Bush had a policy of rescuing people after a hurricane. He's even heard on tape asking FEMA chief Mike Brown about hospital and nursing home patients post Katrina. We all know how that policy failed in execution. Ooopps, bad term to use in a torture discussion. Don't worry, reading the White House Hurricane Katrina Lessons Learned Report truly was torture. Especially for those expecting a real investigation, not a wooden defense and whitewash.

To finish out your term, Dana, stay ignorant! Your boss wears it well. You might do likewise. And please don't buy the new Webster's Dictionary on Torture. With all the redefinitions, it warranted its own volume!

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