Friday, October 26, 2007

Thomas Axelson Leaves Left Behind Games Board of Directors

The ex-CFO of Left Behind Games officially ended his relationship with the company when he resigned from the Board of Directors. His resignation letter indicated his commitments with the Campus Crusade for Christ as the reason for leaving. Mr. Axelson serves as their Foundations Relations Manager. Earlier he converted his deferred compensation into stock options. SEC filings state:

Mr. Axelson converted $126,043 of deferred compensation into 938,534 shares of our common stock

Thomas' total holdings amount to just over 1.1 million shares. I wonder if he'll get any grant funding to purchase Left Behind Games software for various Campus Crusade for Christ ministries? CEO Troy Linden is projecting banner sales in the near future and young college kids with gaming skills certainly looks like an attractive market segment.

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