Thursday, October 11, 2007

No Honor Amongst Theiving Politicians

Hang your head America, as elected leaders join corporate CEO's in driving our country down to the lowest common denominator. Business executives cut pay and health insurance benefits, while political leaders just behave badly. Consider the most recent events:

On the Republican side of the aisle:

President George Bush and Rep. Mike Conaway used a false number in their rationale for denying children's health insurance. They cite a $83,000 ceiling, a 33% overstatement from the real number. Go figure.

Speaking of children, the party of "family values" Swift Boated a 12 year old child who spoke on the impact insurance had in his recovery from an auto accident.

Senator Larry Craig promised to step down, after stepping over the stall line. He then withdrew his offer.

On the Democratic side:

After much theater, Democrats failed to make millionaire private equity managers pay the same taxes on their job related earnings as regular folks. Those populist New York Senators, Schumer and Clinton, accept high dollars from Wall Street investment firms. If they're leading the way, don't expect change anytime soon. It makes you wonder if "populist", like "torture" has been redefined.

Leading Democrats like Senator Ron Wyden want to give employers a break from that pesky health insurance benefit and unions are more than happy to pick up the slack. When was the last time America saw politicians and unions working together to jettison an invaluable employee benefit?

What's sad, even torture, is watching our red, white and blue leaders sell themselves out to high dollar donors and their interests. The prostitutes engage their followers to play vitriolic games of revenge and personal destruction. When political parties race to win these games, more than children are left behind...

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