Friday, October 05, 2007

Senator Craig's Lip Smacking Order

Senator Craig was recently ordered not to withdraw. Was it related to:

1. His guilty plea for indecent behavior in an airport men's room
2. His promised resignation from the Senate Sept. 30th
3. From the court room re-enactment of what Larry hoped to do with the undercover cop in that Minneapolis public restroom

And how do you react to this scandal? Does it make you want to withdraw from:

1. Following politics as most elected officials are dirty from shady money, infidelity or addiction
2. Voting as candidates from both parties generally are pathologically competitive and willing to lie, cheat or steal their way into office
3. From the media barrage and just go outside to breath what hasn't yet been destroyed
4. Reality and join the 30% who believe President Bush hung the moon. George W. pull your pants up!

"If it doesn't fit, you must acquit." Therefore Senator Larry Craig will finish out his term. That's the State of the Division...

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