Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bush Sits on His Hands on Health Care

President Bush noted the Democrats desire to cover more people today as businesses continue to renege on their traditional health insurance benefit commitment and the government refuses to take up the slack. George spoke derisively of the second S-CHIP bill to pass Congress. He called it a "trick" on Americans by moving the country closer to a federalized health system.

"Halloween's an appropriate day to talk about it because there's a bill moving through Congress that's disguised as a bill to help children, but I think it's really a trick on the American people."-G.W. Bush

I think Americans are tired of the seven year trick George and Company have played on citizens. We went from 40 to 47 million uninsureds on his watch, even as he lauded health savings accounts and tax credits in smoke and mirror fashion. As the political will grew to address the problem, Karl Rove tried to frame it as "an illegal immigrant problem". Biased studies by the Rand Corporation and the Center for Immigration Studies hit the shelves the fall of 2005. However, the stain didn't stick as most Americans had suffered from over a decade of increased employer cost sharing and declining coverage via higher co-pays and deductibles.

Clueless George tried to say people having "gold plated coverage" was the problem. Only his CEO friends backdating their stock options have such rich insurance benefits nowadays, but what do Al Hubbard or Mike Leavitt know? They're the ones advising the President on S-CHIP. Here's what they and George want for you, the opportunity to fund your own health insurance and pay your own health care bills.

If employers continue their 8 year trend of covering less of the American population and government won't step up in any substantive way, who does that leave to foot the bills? Look in George's smoky mirror for the answer. It's you. I hope you hate socialized medicine enough to pay those free market bills.

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