Friday, October 05, 2007

Bush & Burma Interrogations

Only George W. Bush could have this dark comedic sense of timing. On the same day he defended U.S. interrogation methods, British sources revealed the Burmese military junta rounded up some 10,000 citizens for that same word, interrogation.

The UN Envoy warned the government crackdown could have serious international consequences. Not if America's chief diplomats have anything to do with it. U.S. Secretary of State Condi Rice is an ex-Chevron board member, while the current American President is the son of the Bush that governed when the Myanmar production sharing agreement was reached in 1992. George W. anointed himself in oil a long time ago.

The U.S. did send a low level person to meet with the junta, but the meeting was not productive. Here's a hint as to how to get their attention: Take all of Chevron's proceeds from Burma and put it in a U.S. based account. Don't allow the junta a penny of it, until they make progress on freedom beyond allowing Western oil companies into their country.

Be sure to ask the 2,100 Burmese prisoners released if they experience head slapping, freezing temperatures or simulated drowning. We know at least one got the full blown version. I can picture both leaders saying, we're doing what's right to keep our country safe? I think they're both mistaken...

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