Saturday, October 06, 2007

Chevron Fails to Acknowledge Suffering Caused by Their Funding

Chevron finally weighed in on the situation in Myanmar. The company press release stated its support of a peaceful resolution that respects human rights. It then promoted all the positive aspects of its association with the production facility.

One might expect businessmen with deep knowledge of cost/benefit analysis, to not leave out one half of the formula. Chevron's press release details the benefits of their association with the Myanmar government, but not the costs to citizens. How many millions of dollars went to the oppressive junta the last seven years, courtesy of Total SA and Chevron? How was that money used to crack down on the spontaneous human energy rallying for democracy?

The company is being disingenuous by highlighting only the positive impact of their relationship in Myanmar. And the United States government won't paint the broader picture. Bush never met an oil man he didn't like and Condi Rice used to occupy a Chevron board chair. It's funny, but the white flag waving French may have more courage than America in holding businesses accountable for doing business in Burma. Vive le oil!

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