Friday, October 12, 2007

Rarely Read Independent Blogger Gets Attorney Letter

StateoftheDivision joined the growing list of blog authors receiving a certified letter from the Law Offices of Gordon D. Katz, representing Left Behind Games, Inc. The letter stated "there are many statements on your website which appear to be false and misleading". For the unaware, I have no desire to have such statements on my website.

Out of 1,477 posts, I found one on Eternal Forces, the video game based on the Left Behind series. I contacted an attorney who recommended I inquire as to the specifics of the alleged "false and misleading statements." That letter will go out Monday via certified mail.

My initial post cited information from the company's SEC filings. I decided to check out the firm's current financial footing, months after their big product launch. Revenues fared poorly this past quarter, amounting to only $56,815. Most of their current assets are tied up in accounts receivable and inventories.

The valuable stock holdings I noted a year ago, are virtually worthless given the stock price fall from nearly 8 dollars to eleven cents. In August and September 2007 the CEO of the company had to sell 47,070 and 214,068 shares of stock for the following reason:

"As a result of the company's recent market price change, the provisions of an agreement between the shareholder and pledgee from a loan resulted in a default, providing for the pledgee to sell these shares"

As a writer, I know the disappointment when a creative work fails to find a market. I have some compassion for the people involved in this video game, despite the letter I just received.

However, I wonder if CNET's Gamespot got the same letter? The site rates video games based on evaluations from official critics and gamers themselves. Eternal Forces got a 4.5 out of 10 from the critic and a 3.5 user score. These are not even marginal customer satisfaction ratings. The review stated:

Another good thing about the Rapture is that it will take you away from disastrous, buggy games like Left Behind: Eternal Forces.

The Good-Interesting concept that strays from the kill-'em-all RTS norm.

The Bad-Mission design and pathfinding issues, storyline veers from religious devotion to self-parody, ugly visuals and too many identical unit models, very unstable

It seems customer feedback contributes more to the game's lack of sales than comments by independent bloggers. I'm pretty sure no gamers read this site. However, it seems the company's financial picture is improving as CEO Troy Linden projects positive cash flow in the fourth quarter. Their sequel game Left Behind: Tribulation Forces will also be released in the next 30-45 days. Maybe by then, I'll have heard back from Mr. Katz the exact nature of my errors from the company's perspective.

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