Friday, October 05, 2007

Bush Uses His Personal Definition of Torture (which is classified)

President Bush once again said the hollow, vacuous words "the government does not torture people." So that's why we have so many private mercenaries, to do what the government can't!

The reality is America performs acts on detainees that the world judged war crimes after World War II. German soldiers were convicted for conducting "simulated drownings" on U.S. prisoners.

In Bush's world of moral certainty, torture appears relativistic. So much so, his administration went through numerous iterations of how to redefine torture vs. tough interrogation methods. The post 9-11 version went up to "organ failure or death". The James Comey definition supposedly ratcheted that back, but "fuzzy memories" Alberto Gonzales cranked it up again, apparently in one of his more lucid moments.

The world watches, George. What do they see? Renditions to countries that also "don't torture", secret CIA prisons, no legal recourse for people taken mistakenly and held for long periods while tortured (their definition, not yours Mr. President). Then there are the captives who accidentally die while sitting in sleeping bag with an interrogator on their chest in 100 degree heat.

The Burma junta looks for 4 Buddhist monks who led peaceful protests. Can they claim they're using harsh interrogation methods, like you? And the Chinese just cracked farmer's heads for trying to sell their cotton on the free market for 82 cents a pound, instead of the government mandated 55 cents. For wanting the right to select their leaders or sell their merchandise, people in Southeast Asia are arrested, beaten and killed.

Yet, President George can't even order Chevron and other multinationals to stop the flow of money to the oppressive Burmese regime. As for China, according to David Rubenstein of The Carlyle Group, it's the new land of opportunity, the new America. Yes, there are a lot of small Chinese farms to take over, after poor pricing is used to drive them out of business.

Keep studying nation of China, you too can be like us. Dangerous farmers require harsh interrogation methods. "Who's your black market seed supplier?" "How do you fence your cotton on the black market?" It's only a simulated drowning with water that could be used to grow food or quench a real thirst for freedom.
Update 11-1-21:  A military jury wrote the person they convicted for terrorism had been "subjected to physical and psychological abuse well beyond approved enhanced interrogation techniques, instead being closer to torture performed by the most abusive regimes in modern history."

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