Monday, October 15, 2007

Liars Three: Bush, Conaway, & Cornyn

Why do elected officials tell straight out lies regarding provisions in a bill? The current myth on children's health insurance is the income levels of families who'd have access to coverage. Consider the three monkeys who can't see, hear or speak the actual provisions of the bill passed in conference.

Senator John Cornyn in his e-mail update:

The majority bill balloons SCHIP by more than 140 percent to potentially include families of four with $83,000 of annual income.

Representative Mike Conaway from his Conaway Chronicle:

In some cases, this would allow S-CHIP to cover families with an annual income of $83,000.

President George W. Bush during a Wall Street Journal interview:

Or, under the current version -- the version of the bill -- within the bill I vetoed, it says, you can make up to $83,000, which will move people from private insurance to government health care.

Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah, a loyal supporter of the Bush White House, responded angrily to the president during a Capitol Hill news conference.

"Are families of four making $83,000 going to get benefit(s) under this? Not unless the administration agrees to it. This bill does not call for that high level of expenditure."

The president is also expected to continue making his case. Yes, by lying and getting his Texas cronies to lie with him. Who's keeping track of their moral failings on behalf of the children, much less the toll on truth telling?

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