Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Putty Shoots Back in His Own Code at “the Democratixx”

Dear President Bush,

Vladmir Putin not only pulled a Neo by stopping V.P. Cheney’s full frontal attack, he launched a counter strike of his own. The man you consider to be your friend suggested U.S. leaders are “comrade wolf”. Once the hunting wolf has its prey, "it will not listen to anyone". Is he talking about Iraq, Iran, or the complete litany of America’s stated enemies? After all “you are either with us or against us.”

Putty became the latest world leader to upgrade by devoting more resources to his military and weapons. How many more will follow your role model? In rewriting the code for the U.S., you are rewriting the code for a more violent and aggressive world.

If the Son is coming back, I hope he does it soon. It is time for some worldwide table tossing, because the modern day money changers are in the halls of power. There is little faith in any of their actions, and certainly no love for one’s neighbor.

1 comment:

mikevotes said...

"Comrade wolf." Hah!

I guess will add that to Chavez's pet name for Bush "Mr. Danger."