Thursday, May 11, 2006

Insider Reveals McClellan’s Brownies Part of Democratixx

Dear President Bush,

A secret White House source revealed Press Secretary Scott McClellan’s platters of brownies contained crushed up bits of the blue pill used to keep people unaware of the Democratixx, the false front hiding a secret shadowy & parasitic world. Scott ate massive doses of the brownies, especially near the end of his service. They served as sort of a mind bender making all the Democratixx’s distortions seem real, even O.K.

With Mr. McClellan under the influence of such large doses of the blue pill, he sincerely meant his defense of government officials caught doing illegal acts. The secret source indicated television to be the other medium by which blue influence spreads. “Combine the blue screen with a blue press secretary and the people don’t stand a chance of seeing reality” the informant said adding, “Did you note his last official act? He appeared in the press cabin of Air Force One to share the baked goods? Did you eat one….”

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