Monday, May 22, 2006

Baby Jesus Gorged on Campaign Money Trough?

Dear President Bush,

I am afraid I now have nearly seen it all. In an attempt to justify the American democratic campaign finance “system”, a North Carolina State Legislator invoked the Biblical story of Christ’s birth.

"Even baby Jesus accepted gifts and I don't believe it corrupted him.”—Rep. Drew Saunders

Apparently individual, corporate, and PAC donations are simply the modern day equivalents of gold, frankincense and myrrh. Does this mean Jack Abramoff’s relatives had a ringside seat to the event as they were staying in the inn? After all Jesus was born a Jew….

Could things get any more twisted? The Prince of Peace now favors pre-emptive war and the good baby Jesus celebrates a little gift “bling bling” like all faithful democratic officials. The wordsmiths, also known as the modern day money changers, have been hard at work. I suggest they be tossed out as tradition requires. That includes you as one of the purveyors of distortions….

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