Tuesday, May 30, 2006

God Told Me “The Handful’s” Are Fakes

Dear President Bush,

What did God tell you last night about the two groups claiming to know the Almighty’s perspectives on our country and the soldiers who die for its “causes”? I told you I would try to still my mind enough for human concerns to fall away, to make room for the ever present divine to be heard. This is what I got.

Why would I want my beloved children fighting amongst themselves, especially over me? I sent my Son and countless others to tell you, to show you. That very same spirit returns daily in newborns throughout the world. How do people distort the clear messages of love into war, of giving away into accumulating possessions, of listening to others into refusing to be in relationship?

How does the message become more important than its expression in living? I know I created you smarter than that. Why all the distortions? Ah, you listen to people speaking and acting on those illusions. Please stop.

Listen to the children yet to be poisoned by having more for they are closest to me. In countries worldwide they ask in languages they understand, why do people hurt each other? Why do some people have enough food and others don’t? Why do some people have safe shelter while others struggle to survive in the elements? Why do people hold up money & possessions as a modern God, something to be worshipped? Why do people hold up a form of governance as if it is a religion?

Leaders around the world fighting to impose the one true religion are deluded. No faith can encompass all I am. Those with certainty limit the light available to them. Some limit my light so severely they reside in darkness.

That very darkness invades the halls of many national governments today. Leaders refuse to be in relationship, they refuse to recognize their counterpart as their neighbor much less my admonition to love them. The people must carry on with the Great Commission, loving your neighbor, recognizing there are none who do not qualify. When that happens the damage a dark leader can impose is minimized.

The people must challenge those leaders in a loving way. Love is the tonic for hate, peace the prescription for conflict. Layering hate upon hate, conflict upon conflict, difference upon difference makes for a deadly cake. When the people encounter hate, respond with love, when they encounter conflict respond with listening and understanding, when they encounter difference, save that for another day and focus on what we have in common.

What you can tell them is I love them all! There are no unloved in the eyes of God. When you all know I love you deeply, it is time to pull out those differences and one by one work through them. With that foundation combined with your God given creativity, I can only imagine the wonders the people can do...hunger eliminated, disease minimized, safe shelter and water for all, people creating new stories for the next version of the Bible. Even timeless wisdom can benefit from an update, even if it is to make it more accessible to the people of the present. And by the way, that is the only time you have to live love, in the present. So get cracking!

No one knows all that is God, so why do people claim to? Are they just pushing their agendas, hoping a “God backed” boost gives their positions credibility? Did I just do the same thing or is my radio tuned to the real God channel? The good news is I will get to find out someday. So what did God tell you last night? Write me back I want to know.

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