Sunday, May 21, 2006

Media Crackdown Coming

Dear President Bush,

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales indicated the Justice Department would pursue reporters responsible for publishing classified information. What is the state's interest in controlling the media?

The world just saw the Egyptian riot police crackdown against peaceful democratic demonstrators. The media in Egypt is state owned, meaning that which the state does not like doesn’t get printed. Is the U.S. headed in a similar direction?

Just days ago you expressed your concerns about the Egyptian crackdown. Combine Mr. Gonzales new position with your admonitions that democracy involves freedom of the press and what do you have? The end result is a U.S. media crackdown, one driven by law.

The beauty is all the government has to do is classify information. Then it is off limits to the media. As data shows your administration to be the most secretive in terms of classified document volume, what information will the media be able to share?

Manage the message and you manage the people, well most of the people. Some can see through the manipulations to the underlying code……

Coming soon to a theater near you “The Democratixx

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