Monday, May 15, 2006

Agent Cheney’s Notes Mention TWIST, Yet another New Secret Government Program Sponsored by the Democratixx

Dear President Bush,

Agent Cheney of the Demcratixx continues to wreak his havoc behind the scenes. In his effort to find Neo, the One who can take down the illusory world, Agent Cheney started a new program, TWISTS. A ripple in the fabric of the Democratixx revealed the code and its meaning. TWISTS stands for Torture With Incredibly Sinister Twisted Smile. It just happens to be the smile Agent Cheney frequently sports when he even thinks about torturing someone.

As you are already aware the Deomcratixx’s false front shows a glass half full world. The economy is going swimmingly, unemployment low, home ownership up, and democracy spreading in the Middle East. Behind the curtain lies a parasitic world driven by its search for money, power and fuel. People are simply pawns in this greater game. That the mentally ill are sent back to the war front reveals how disposable fighting men and women to be. Did Agent Cheney order that as well?

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