Monday, May 15, 2006

Democratixx at Risk, New Major Upgrade Coming?

Dear President Bush,

Agent Cheney’s TWISTS program may extend the life of the Democratixx a short while, yet the false world remains under attack. What other machinations need to be enacted to keep the Democratixx in place? How will the “KeyMaster”, General Hayden handle his upcoming Senate nomination hearings? Has the silent warning been issued to any Senators asking unfriendly questions that they may get a personal invitation to meet with Agent Cheney, personally experiencing his new initiative, Torture With Incredibly Sinister Twisted Smile?

With all the ripples in the Democratixx, rumor has it you are sponsoring a major rewrite of the code, an upgrade of sorts. Is this true? That same rumor says you contracted out its development to Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University, Pat Robertson’s Regent University, Bob Jones University, and several well know Christian fundamentalist organizations. Did James Dobson and Franklin Graham recently present the beta version to you in the Oval Office? Is it true that the next version will be called the Christocratixx? Write me back, I want to know.

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