Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Predator Stimulus Minimization Camps Slated to Fill

Dear President Bush,

Law enforcement authorities are working hard to remove dangerous predators from American communities. Recently they nabbed a senior official within Homeland Security for his attempts to seduce an underage girl via the internet. Federal agents placed a religious leader on the FBI’s Top Ten Most Wanted for sex crimes. Today they searched one of the communities he founded. The Justice Department is targeting sex crimes perpetuated against minors. It appears child molesters will start filling your inaugural predator stimulus minimization detention center.

A second group will race for spots in those holding pens, illegal immigrants. The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department has organized a 250 person posse to round up people stealing American jobs. My question is how are you going to keep the illegal immigrants safe from the child abusers? Will there be a separate section for Federal Officials and Catholic priests known to abuse children?

And what happens when homosexuals get added to the list of predators needing detention? How will you make room for the Muslims after the next domestic Al Qaeda attack? Where will you hold ‘activist judges’ preying on the Constitution? And how will the ‘mainstream liberal media’ be contained? Write me back, I want to know.

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