Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Bush “Pioneers” Reminiscent of Old Days

Dear President Bush,

Your select group of campaign fundraisers has much in common with their historical namesake, as both groups of Pioneers seemed to either strike it rich or end up in jail. Just yesterday, Pioneer Henry Paulson brought his riches to the White House. As the new Secretary of the Treasury he will be in a position to work for a few years and then make even more dough as a lobbyist for "the Street".

Today, Pioneer Thomas Noe joins Ranger James Tobin behind bars for campaign crimes committed during your 2004 re-election campaign. Thomas Noe gave illegal donations in a scheme to raise $50,000 for you. Does that make you mad as was charged with raising at least $100,000? Super fund raiser, James Tobin acted to block Democratic voter turnout in New Hampshire along with three other Republican operatives.

Four Pioneers struck it rich by getting Cabinet level appointments, while two are going to the pokey. It appears you are taking us back to the good ole days. Pretty soon we will paying our doctors in chickens. Oooppss! Some of us already are….

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