Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Bush Tours Limerick Nuclear Power Generating Station

Dear President Bush,

Is it odd that nuclear power is the answer to the United States’ electricity generating needs but not Iran’s or North Korea’s? You chose to promote deep six’ing more regulations to foster nuclear proliferation in the homeland. In promoting it you said “nukular” power is abundant, affordable, safe and clean. Did the leprechauns at Limerick agree with your assessment? The mainstream liberal media failed to report their perspective, so I just have to guess. My contributions are below:

The President in the White Hat

There once was a man in a white hat
Who wandered coating everything with his shat
When one person did offend
They called out to him
By George, would you not do that!

Energy for All

A leader found power too expensive
When voters became apprehensive
As election time neared
He played off their fears
And promised them nukular fishin (literally)!

The Future Fisherman

When Colin went out to the bay
Many fish he could see coming his way
It was dark at night
And to some it might fright
To see fish glowing bright green and not gray!

Should you care to share the real limericks from the Pennsylvania leprechauns please do so. I would love to hear them....

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