Thursday, May 18, 2006

Update on Egypt’s Implementation of Democratixx-Dictatrixx Hybrid?

Dear President Bush,

I wrote you earlier in the week questioning the type of government you wish to export to the Middle East. Egyptian riot police had just beaten the snot out of hundreds of secular pro-democracy protestors. Those acts called into question our ally against terror’s commitment to democratic reforms.

The State Department came out with a forceful, “we will talk with them next time we meet about our concerns.” Shortly thereafter, Agent Cheney met privately with President Mubarak’s son to communicate the administration's perspectives. You also met with Mubark the younger to send a message. My question is what message did you send?

Just yesterday, Egyptian riot police beat the snot out of protestors who benefited from the last round of elections, members of the Muslim Brotherhood. Did you tell Mr. Mubarak it was O.K. to man handle Islamic pro-democracy protestors?

While the Democratixx undergoes ripples in its very fabric here at home from secret domestic spying and government influence buying, can it withstand the stress of exporting it abroad? The false front hiding the shadowy parasitic world is in danger of collapsing. Is Agent Cheney compensating by exporting a variation of the Democratixx, one with a Dictatrixx component? If so that would explain the repeated beatings of peaceful protestors.

Please write me back with your wise counsel for Mubarak the younger. What did you suggest he do with public protests? I know it won’t be published in the Egyptian media as it is all state owned. Didn’t you cite a free press as critical to democracy? Is it critical to a democratixx-dictatrixx hybrid?

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