Friday, February 02, 2007

NIE Describes Current Situation as “Dire”

The President received the National Intelligence Estimate today. It suggests the security situation in Iraq is “dire”. To properly translate the word requires a common Halloween analogy.

In 2003 President Bush approached Saddam Hussein with “Trick or Treat?” Ever the trick lover, Saddam chose the later option. From behind his back President Bush produced a heavy brown paper bag and a lighter. After igniting the sack, George pitched it square in the middle of Iraq. Expecting an explosive device, Sinister Hussein fled leaving George to put out his own fire. In doing so the flaming bag of dogdoo stuck to Bush’s heel, the fire rising up his pant’s leg. How far will the flames go?

“Dire” equals “doodoo fire”. And that’s where Bush is in Iraq today…

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