Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Blogger Hits Twenty Months and 2,000 Letters

June 6, 2005 I began chronicling my letters to President Bush via the blog LetterstoNowhere. When that free service ended, I migrated to StateoftheDivision and kept writing our nation’s CEO.

Twenty months later my letter total reached 2,000 letters with roughly 1,000 under each name. I compiled some 200 of these in a self published book, New Suits for World Leaders: Emperors, Presidents and Popes.

I wrote the book under the name Lantern Sodden. The first name came from my desire to shine the light in the darkness. The Lantern is too heavy to carry around all the time. I don't know how Dionysus did it!

However when I feel strong enough to carry the Lantern for a bit, I invariably end up in the political muck. Should I stay long enough, I find myself Sodden.

What happens next, who knows? More blogging? Another compilation? Or will one of my works of spiritual fiction call me back? Regardless of what happens afterwards, this seemed a milestone worth marking…

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