Sunday, February 18, 2007

McCain & Romney Transformations Almost Complete

Dr. Dobsonstein just has one or two more dials to adjust before the rebuilt John McCain and Mitt Romney come to life as true blown conservatives, worthy of Focus on the Biblical Family support. Something must be fixed in Mitt’s hearing or speech centers as he refused to answer most of George Stephanopolous’ questions this morning.

John McCain switched from maverick to broken horse as he called for stallions not to mount any fillies. If they do so and get pregnant, male dominated government should control women’s reproductive systems. Will he soon tell them how to dress and what to use for birth control? Ooooppss, John already spoke on abstinence during a recent visit to South Carolina. Dress styles can’t be far behind. Will John call for head to toe covering so as not to entice any excitable male genitalia?

Meanwhile one who has great difficulty telling the difference between male and female genitalia will soon study psychology. Ted Haggard likely has his eye on the head Christian psychologist position, currently occupied by Dr. Dobsonstein. Would it be poetic revenge if Ted knocks James off the top rung, especially after Dr. Dobson bailed on Rev. Haggard’s restoration?

McCain, Romney, and Haggard are all transforming before our very eyes courtesy of on Dr. James Dobsonstein. Can someone cut the electricity to his lab?

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