Saturday, February 03, 2007

Bush’s “Advice” on Medicare and Medicaid, Bend Over

While the people scream for businesses or government to do more to cover high health insurance costs, President Bush warned that future generations face three bad options on Medicare and Medicaid. The options for government sponsored health insurance include tax hikes, government red ink, and huge cuts in benefits.

President Bush won’t hear of a tax hike on his shift so option #1 is out. He filled the red ink carafe with "war spending" and "economic pump priming" such that it already overflows badly. That leaves huge cuts in benefits as the Bush answer. Is anyone surprised?

Million and billionaires get to keep their huge tax cuts so poor people can take it in the shorts health wise. For you middle class folks thinking you’re safe from Bush’s nefarious health care plans, drop that thought. The President is greasing the skids for businesses to shed their health insurance benefit costs, passing them off to each individual employee. Are you financially ready to catch the two ton medicine ball?

Oh and we haven’t even talked about retirement, otherwise known as Bush’s Round 2…

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