Saturday, June 03, 2006

White House Says Iraqi PM Misquoted, Yet Won’t Provide the “Real Quote”

Dear President Bush,

Your headline managers continue to work their magic on people who don’t actually read the story. A skimmer might just see the angry words attributed to the Iraqi Prime Minister over the Haditha deaths called a “misquote” by the White House and assume that everything is hunky dory.

For those of us that actually read the article, a full belly laugh awaited. After calling the Iraqi leaders words a “misquote”, Tony Snow passed on giving the public the real meaning.

Snow was unable to explain what al-Maliki told Khalilzad or how he had been misquoted. "That is a little too complicated for me to try to read out," Snow said at a briefing where he was pressed to explain how al-Maliki's remarks were supposed to have been distorted. "It becomes a little convoluted and so I don't want to make a real clear characterization because it's a little hazy to me," Snow said.

Your White House Press Secretary attacked the version available to the public without supplying an alternative one. Is Tony Snow a Democrat? You accuse your opposition of attacking but not offering any ideas. It appears the White House is doing likewise. So what was that misquote?

The prime minister was quoted a day earlier as saying the Haditha deaths were "a horrible crime." He also was quoted as saying, "This is a phenomenon that has become common among many of the multinational forces. No respect for citizens, smashing civilian cars and killing on a suspicion or a hunch. It's unacceptable."

It also sounds undemocratic. Isn’t that what we are trying to export?

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