Friday, June 23, 2006

Aim SWIFT at American Politicians & Their Donations

(AP) As Americans have no expectation of privacy anymore, our politicians should be held to the same standard. If our phone records, e-mails, bank records, and more are accessible to the government legally without a warrant, then turnabout should be fair play.

Apparently computer programs can look through large amounts of data to find objects and persons of interest. This capability can be aimed at the White House and Capital for the edification of the American people.

What is the relationship between the amount of campaign donations and a Congressional hearing on an industry’s pet issue? What minimum level needs to be attained to turn interest into action via the introduction of legislation to benefit donor companies and heavy gifting industries? What is the time lag between receipt of funds (the actual cashing of the check) and a phone call or letter on that corporations behalf? How many key committee members have to be hit for the vote to swing that industry’s way? What is the relationship between Bush/Cheney Pioneers, Rangers, and Super Ranger status and favorable legislation or executive action?

How many ex-elected officials and ex-appointed government servants are sitting on company boards? How many of those are advising the administration policy wise? How many retired Generals and Admirals are serving on boards of businesses selling to the U.S. military? How many ex-governmental officials are lobbying their ex-coworkers and bosses at salaries 5 to 10 times their previous pay?

Aim SWIFT at the American government, the people deserve to “See What Insidious Financial Transactions” are occurring with our tax payer and consumer dollars.

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