Thursday, June 01, 2006

FEC Refuses to Manage System for Electing Government Officials

Dear President Bush,

It is interesting 527 groups have unlimited rights to free speech while government employees lack the same when whistle blowing in cases of corruption and malfeasance. The Federal Elections Commission will only regulate political parties. I will watch like a hawk individual, corporate and political action committee donations to established parties fielding candidates but will remain hands off on 527 groups, only dealing with them on a case by case basis.

I guess the American people will be treated to another round of disgusting attack ads by the 527’s. With so many normal people turned off to the election process, how many will bother to show up at the polls? With rabid fundamentalist Christians whipped into a frenzy by the specter of gay marriage pouring out of their cross topped anthills toward the polls, how will that impact the results? Now I get it……

You really are managing the election system after all! Keeping the 527’s unchecked optimizes your party’s chances for keeping control of Congress. My hope is people look at their health care bills the day before the election. Should they do such a thing, might all the scoundrels in that do nothing body be sent home packing? You and Congress have supervised the greatest decline in health care coverage in our country’s history. It is time for some payback, or better stated, accountability.

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