Monday, June 19, 2006

Bush/Cheney Shoot Familiar Refrains Once Again

(AP) The Bush White House unleashed its favorite weapons again today. When put in a difficult spot the Executive Office defends itself with “I don’t think anybody anticipated”. Vice President Cheney pulled the trigger on this statement regarding the level of violence in Iraq. President Bush shot the same round last August regarding the levee failures in New Orleans.

The second shot came from Tony Snow, the White House Press Secretary on the situation in Iraq. He used the “most people realize” weapon in saying a pullout would be an unmitigated disaster. Those that are not in the “most camp” are obviously misinformed or stupid.

What if the presence of U.S. troops were a significant cause of the violence in Iraq? Would a public health department keep bird flu patients in the general population? Of course not, they would quarantine or remove those infected as they cause the spread of disease. To the extent the insurgency is driven by U.S. troop presence, “most people” realize violence won’t decrease and that staying is the “unmitigated disaster” for the long suffering people of Iraq. .

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