Friday, June 02, 2006

Six Pack Nations Blurt Out that Iran has Just Weeks to Ingest Plan

Dear President Bush,

Fresh off a shoe buying high in New York City, Condi Rice told the folks on the Today Show that Iran has only weeks to consider any offers made by the six pack of nations regarding its nuclear program. Iran will have a limited time to digest the six pack’s product of perks or penalties. Might I suggest Iran consider a beer bong, or the goofy hard hat that holds two beer cans replete with straws extending to the mouth, as it ingests the six pack?

My fear is too many six packs have been ingested already by those driving the U.S. strategy. Alcohol is a great blocker of sensory information, a bolsterer of ego, and a distorter of perceptions. As a man who gave up drinking cold turkey, you are well aware of its deleterious effects. My question is “Are your policy makers aware?” Drunk and aggressive is not a popular position whether it is in another country or the U.N. Bar & Grill.

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