Friday, June 02, 2006

Report on Worldwide Elimination of Nuclear Weapons Disappears?

Dear President Bush,

This morning I noted an Associated Press story on a group recommending the complete elimination of nuclear weapons worldwide. If memory serves correctly the study is being presented to the United Nations and has Hans Blix as one of its authors. After returning from a doctor’s appointment the story was nowhere to be found. Now why is that? Did you not like its assessment, conclusions and recommendations?

My recollection is the report emphasized the power nuclear weapons give to countries holding them during negotiations. It stressed the need for the Middle East to be a nuclear free zone with all the historical and current conflict in that region. It estimated that Israel has 200 nuclear weapons in its unconfirmed but well known arsenal.

Is that why the report got yanked? Might Americans wonder about our allowing Israel to design and build hundreds of bombs in an unstable region while we insist Iran have no nuclear refinement capability, even for electrical production? Or did it only briefly hit the light of day as the U.S. has no willingness to entertain complete nuclear disarmament? If we did that, what would Rep. Tom Tancredo drop on Mecca after the next domestic terrorist attack? Write me back with your thoughts, I want to know.

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