Saturday, June 03, 2006

The Mainstream Liberal Media’s Last Gasp: Pairing George Bush & Fred Phelps?

Dear President Bush,

It may be their last gasp but the mainstream liberal media snuck in a big dig on you! Just minutes ago two of the top three articles dealt with our nation’s treatment of homosexuals.

Bush Backs Federal Marriage Amendment06/03/2006 13:53:37 EST
In Radio Address, Bush Backs Amendment Defining Marriage As a Union Between a Man and a Woman

Kansas Minister Preaches Doom and Hatred06/03/2006 11:38:47 EST
Kansas Minister Talks of God's Hatred, Celebrates Deadly Events and Gives Thanks for IEDs

You and the Rev. Fred Phelps made a homosexual hating, layered pie of news! The difference is you only want to treat homosexuals as lesser citizens while Fred wants the Lord to take his vengeance on those sinners. Rev. Fred’s God doesn’t always have great aim and strikes out blindly at others while in a homosexual rage. While livid at America’s promotion of the gay lifestyle, Rev. Phelp’s God can incite a Muslim to set off an IED in Iraq.

Was Mary Cheney behind this sinister pairing of you and Fred Phelps on the AP listing? Or did the characters from Brokeback Mountain or Will & Grace figure into this somehow? I suggest you get the NSA, the FBI, and the CIA right on it. As elections are just around the corner, you need to know who is making you look like some far right wing religious nut job. And don’t look in the mirror, you might see Fred Phelps staring back at you!

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