Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Iraq Study Group Missing the Customer!

(AP) While President Bush appointed a star studded field of ex-public servants from both political parties to advise him on Iraq, one thing is missing, Iraqis! He did created an advisory group full of sellers though. However, should any fledging Iraqi companies wish to be bought out, the President did form the right group!

Highlights of the Iraqi Study Group’s corporate connections are below. Seven of the ten members have strong corporate ties, while three seem dedicated to education and politics.

James Baker Senior Counselor, The Carlyle Group

William Perry Chairman, Global Technology Partners

Robert Gates Chairman of the Independent Trustees, The Fidelity Funds

Vernon Jordan Board member for 10 companies including American Express & Dow Jones, President of the Economic Club of Washington

Leon Panetta Board member for Connetics Corporation & Zenith, ex Board Member of New York Stock Exchange

Chuck Robb served on Board of Visitors at the U.S. Naval Academy, co-chair of Iraq Intelligence Commission, member of President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board, Board of Trustees of MITRE Corporation

Alan Simpson serves on numerous corporate boards including American Express Funds and Biogen

Ed Meese Fellow at the Heritage Foundation, Adjunct Fellow at The Discovery Institute, Chairman of the Board of Advisors for the Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence at the Claremont Institute, Co-Chairman of the Board of Young America’s Foundation, served on Board of Visitors at U.S. Military Academy at West Point

Sandra Day O’Connor Chancellor The College of William & Mary, a post traditionally served as the college’s advocate to the crown

Lee Hamilton member of President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board, Director of Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars

As several of the appointees are in education, what can the Iraqis look forward to learning from this group? Ed Meese’s Young America’s Foundation has a reading list that begins with the Bible. How might that go over in the land of the Koran?

If the Iraqi people are looking for business advisors or Western educators, President Bush appointed the right group. Better have Ed Meese keep his Bible under jacket, just to be safe!

P.S. The AP at the beginning of the post represents the author's initials.

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